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The first technical conference in Brașov from IT community to the IT community


These companies show their support for the IT community by sponsoring our event



Peak IT is organized by AgileHub NGO (www.agilehub.rohttps://www.facebook.com/agilehub/https://www.linkedin.com/company/13054692/) whose mission is to offer free education in IT for both children and adults.

AgileHub is an NGO created in 2013 whose mission is to offer free education in IT for children and adults.
We offer trainings, workshop, meetups all pro-bono, given by our members who are IT specialists with practical experience.

 ● 192 free trainings given by our 60 pro-bono volunteers on different IT technical topics, leadership and agile management.
 ● There are currently more than 35 active members.
 ● We put Brasov on the map of Global Day of Coderetreat in 2013,2014,2015.
 ● More than 1260 unique participants, many of them participatingin more than 15 different workshops.
 ● Two Peak IT editions
 ● Two medium-long term programming activities forchildren (Dash&Dots programming financed through “Fondul Stiintescu” in 2017 and “From code to 3D printing” that runs in 2020
 ● We work with young people, on European programs, on thems like creativity, leadership, team work, communication.
 ● We are speakers and different conferences like Codecamp, DevTalks, ALE (Agile Lean Europe), Testcamp, Tabara de Testare, ALT Festival Brasov, BEST Brasov

Brasov is a city where a big IT event is needed. Who else should organize it than the organization that has been providing free trainings, workshops and small events for IT people for 7 years.

When we started this event, in 2018, we wanted to create:
 ● A place for Brasov’s IT community to meet
We wanted Peak IT event to be a place for Brasov’s IT community to meet where they can find common interests, new useful information, share what they know and find easier ways to learn from each other.
 ● Visibility for our volunteers
The best way to lead is by example and the entire value of AgileHub is given by its volunteers. This is why our AgileHub volunteers need the context where they are more visible and can become an example for others, to inspire and motivate others to join us, to contribute and to grow this community.
 ● Grow the IT community in order to create more opportunities in the city.
 ● Have an opportunity to raise funds from sponsors, so we can implement IT and leadership education programs from children and adults.
After Peak IT 2018, AgileHub team has increased by 4 new members and after Peak IT 2019, 7 new colleagues have joined us.

In order to give a workshop at Peak IT, one needs to become a volunteer in AgileHub, which means that one needs to have given at least one workshop/training previously that year.

The expertise and impact of AgileHub consists of the sum of expertise, availability and impact of all its members. This is why one of our purpose is to continuously grow our team, so we can offer more programs, a richer curriculum, more frequently.

We think it is important for the trainer to seek to offering their knowledge on more occasions throughout the year. In this way, we all get to know each other better, trust one another and can organize the conference easier.